A Truly Fabulous Birthday Present

It all started earlier this year when I saw an adorable, pink Eiffel tower for sale in the France pavilion at EPCOT. Though I haven't been there I love the thought of Paris with all it's fashion and glamour and poodles. The Eiffel tower encompasses these things to me and I loved that little pink one. I didn't buy it because I was going visit Vegas soon and thought I could get one there at the Paris hotel that I was so looking forward to visiting. I wanted it to have more meaning and a memory to go with it. When I visited the Paris hotel there was no pink Eiffel tower to be bought. I still wanted to add a bit of glamour to my room in Eiffel tower fashion..

[Fast forward to a few weeks ago]

I very much love Impressions de France, the scenic and audibly pleasing movie in EPCOT's France pavilion. My favorite part is when all the balloons are released and fly away into the sky. I drew a whimsical sketch a few weeks ago inspired by that scene and an old Christian Dior perfume ad I was charmed by. I loved the image so much I told my stepdad, who is a very creative welder, that I wanted it made into wall art for my birthday present. I cherish all the things he makes me so I knew that would make it extra special.

He gave it to me today and I LOVE it! I plan on painting the balloons but haven't decided what color yet. I call it "Fly Away Paris". I imagine travel by balloon would be quite lovely.

Stepdaddy with his creation :)

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