Gingerbread Run 5k

This morning I participated in the Give Kids the World Village annual Gingerbread Run 5k. It benefits the village and $49,827 was raised overall. This was the best 5k I have ever run. Usually 5Ks are no biggie but I cherished every moment of this race and everything that went into it. The Village has a special space in my heart since I've started volunteering there. I felt right at home running there and felt so involved in this race because I will see the funds go right into action. I fundraised $307 total, my highest amount yet, and hope to contribute more in the future. I know how special this place is. I know how thankful the families are. And from getting to know this wonderful place, I know "happiness inspires hope."

Nickelodeon Suites Resort provided entertainment, such as Dora and Spongebob. They also DJed and hosted the event with games and some slime action! Let me just tell you how special it was to see someone get slimed live in person. I was a Nickelodeon channel watching kid, we didn't get Disney on cable, and LOVED seeing some slime challenges happen right in front of my eyes at this event! I was so impressed with all Nickelodeon did and how much of a help they were.
The bunny is Mayor Clayton, the mayor of Give Kids the World Village. The gingerbread man is Murphy, another Village character, who was the man of the hour as he was the mascot of this event.

This gentlemen inspires me to no end. He lead the orientation I attended at the village and I've seen him around a few times since. He is funny and positive and I can tell from the few times we've met that he has a beautiful heart.

Some pictures of the most magical place on earth..

No Gingerbread Run would be complete without these guys! Yum.

In addition to having an excellent beneficiary this race has a fantastic course (through the village), was reasonably priced and had the CUTEST shirts ever! I would highly recommend this race to other runners. This is a great time of year to visit Orlando as crowds are low. Why not plan to visit and run this next year?

I didn't do too bad time-wise either. This was my second fastest 5K coming in at 31:31.

A friend of mine has a huge fundraiser going on for this place. You can donate and provide more families with the opportunity to make memories that will last forever HERE.

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  1. Congratulations on a great run and especially the fundraising for a wonderful cause! I'm proud of you, Nicole!