Have you been to Menchie's?

Because it's delicious. Me and my good friend Andrew, seen in this collage accidentally taking a picture of himself, went last night for the first time. I've been on somewhat of a frozen yogurt kick lately and this place is high on the list. The yogurt flavors were so tasty! I had blueberry and cake batter. They also had 76 million toppings! Ok maybe a few less than that but the most I've ever seen at a topping bar and with some interesting selections. Andrew got these interesting little bursts of fruit flavor but they looked like fish eggs so that's what we called them. I really like having fruit toppings. It's much better for you than the typical frozen treat topping a la chocolate fudge, whipped cream, etcetera though Menchie's still had those options. I think this frozen yogurt craze is really fun with the whole "make your own dessert and we'll weigh it and charge you for it" theme they've got going.

What's your favorite place to get frozen yogurt?

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