My first night at Give Kids the World

Last night was my first night as an *angel*. That's what Give Kids the World
calls their volunteers. I signed up to work in Twinkle Hope's La Ti Da Spa.
It is My Little Pony themed and so. so. SO cute. It's bright, cheery and colorful.

It has a lobby area with a throne and movies playing and then a circular room
that's made to look like a festive tent which is the actual spa part. The spa
has lots of mirrors and little stations to glam our guests. Kids come in to get
air brush tattoos, nails or face painted, make-up done and/or a hand massage. We
also have fun, classic Disney music playing in the spa which the kids love. We
have prizes for them too. Girls get a My Little Pony lunch box and boys get a
race car.

I was truly honored to meet some of the amazing families staying and playing
at GKTW. The strength and love the parents have is tangible when they walk
through the door. I painted a lot of nails and did a few air brush tattoos but I
most enjoyed talking to our guests and hearing about the fabulous times they
were having as they shared memories or plans that were part of their trip. Many
of the kids had been to Disney World already but for most, being at GKTW was the

I experienced a few especially heart warming scenarios. One was a
father who took a picture of his little girl about every 30 seconds. She would
groan sometimes and say no more pictures but it was in a playful way and I knew where dad was coming from. Another was a boy who wasn't very talkative but when I gave him his air brush
tattoo he looked up and gave me a smile that will be eternally imprinted in my
memory. Seeing how much happiness that provided him was so special to me. There was a
magical moment to be had with every guest.

The slogan for the village is "Where Happiness Inspires hope." I reflect
this in everything I do there remembering my main goal is to provide smiles and
kindness to families. I also discovered a verse recently that I am relating to
my time here. Luke 12:48 says "From everyone who has been given much, much will
be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will
be asked." I have been overly blessed my whole life and it is my pleasure to pay
it forward by donating my time and spreading happiness.

I'm looking forward to making many more memories there. I used to think the
Magic Kingdom was the most magical place on earth. After spending one night at
Give Kids the World I quickly changed my mind.


  1. That is so special! Thank you for sharing your amazing story of such an amazing place!

  2. Thank you so much (again) for volunteering, and for sharing your experience here. I remember what my first time was like. You're very blessed to live so close and be able to do it as often as you want to.

    I couldn't agree more that we have been given much, and so much is demanded of us (what a much-needed reminder!). Giving back by serving these kids & families is such an important way to do that. It really is a pleasure.

  3. Scott--> Thank you for reading, pal! It was my pleasure to share it. You know..they always need volunteers.. *cough* sign up *cough*

    Randy-->Thank U for volunteering! (I believe you said you have done it before?) It really is so special. :)