Giving is Living

Tuesday night I volunteered for the second time at Give Kids the World Village. I continued on my quest to learn how to do many jobs there, this time spending the evening in the castle. This is the fun looking place with the mushroom that is featured on their logo. It may be the most special job an Angel can do there as it allows you to assist giving two very significant items..
Each wish child receives a gold, mirrored star that they write their name on and give to the star fairy. This is done with the assistance of an Angel and a special chest that the star fairy comes and takes their star from. It disappears before their eyes as they feel the star fairy remove it from the chest. That night the star fairy places their star on the roof of the castle, or now in the new *Star Tower*, and the child leaves their legacy of their GKTW visit forever. Families can come back any time to view the star and photos taken during their stay at the Village.

[Star photo from cfnews13.com]

Every child that stays at the village, including siblings, receives a special pillow. This is given to the child through the help of an Angel and the sleepy owl, Hermes, who lives in a magical tree and only comes awake to help them form the pillow through love and a wish. Their pillow(s) then appears magically into a nearby tree stump for the children to have and cherish forever. It is hard to convey via text how remarkable both of these experiences really are. The technology used to create these special moments is fantastic and must be especially memorable for families.

I've made a few friends while volunteering at the Village. This week was no exception as I met a lovely, older couple who have a beautiful passion for life and were truly an inspiration to me. Every choice we make in life has a consequence. Though this word has a negative connotation I can assure you that not all consequences are bad. Meeting people with hearts of gold, is one lovely consequence of being an Angel. Others include feeling truly alive through giving and spreading that contagious facial expression we know as.. the smile. :)
In addition to donating my time, I've chosen to fundraise for this spectacular place. Give Kids the World Village has a 5K running race coming up next week and I'm running it and made a goal to raise $250. I would appreciate any donation you can make to help support the most magical place in the world.

Click HERE to donate.

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  1. The story of the stars was one of my favorite things I heard & saw there. Thank you for sharing it with others.