WDW Treat Up

Last night I attended a ghoulish yet fabulous event after hours at the Magic Kingdom. The event was put on by the wonderful team of the Disney Parks Blog. If I say this was a dress-up party with spooky characters, yummy treats, Imagineers, and lots of fun, free goodies it would give you a synopsis but never convey the awesomeness of the event.

My friend James and I dressed up as the Haunted Mansion stretch room portrait ballerina and the clever crocodile who waits underneath her tight rope.

Here's the portrait we were imitating

My best pals Scott & Suzannah attended too :)

I thought my friends @PlazaAndMainSt from Twitter had a super unique costume

The Disney Parks Blog thought I had a super unique costume and I won a 9" glow in the dark vinyl! It was really team work right James? Thanks to Thomas Smith (Indy) of the Disney Parks Blog and Marissa May (Boo<--what a cute costume!)

Some people don't need costumes to be a character.
Jason Surrell spoke at the event and was super funny as usual.

It was fun to see different characters out like Dr. Facilier. And yes, my friends, that's me on pointe in Liberty Square. Worth the pain I'm feeling today.. please forgive me, little footies.

I thought Steven Miller had a fab costume. Check out that TRONesque glow! Cue light cycle..

With my friend Lea, this would be the treat part of the treat-up.

The Mansion characters were out in full force.

Yes I was picture happy at this evening but I am a sucker for getting dressed up! Here with my friends Glenn, James Leah & Andrew (they looked super cute) and Lou. Scott took that last pic to make a point that my pointe shoes had been replaced by my sparkly Toms at this point in the night. I can't believe I managed to wear them all around the Magic Kingdom that night!

I'm going with the *save the best for last* theme on this one. I am a huge fan of the new interactive Haunted Mansion queue. I wrote a rhyming riddle article this Summer about part of it on the WDW Fan Zone, a Disney fan site I contribute to. To me, this embellished queue represents the attraction we all love in a touchable way. It extends the story of the mansion and includes nuances hinting to the details we know, like the bride, with a ring in the concrete. Tributes are made throughout the queue to people to contributed to the mansion's brilliance... really I could go on and on but I'll get to the good part.

In attendance at the event and giving tours of the queue were two of it's creators, Imagineers, Eric Goodman and Pete Carsillo. I watched a funny video on the Disney Parks blog a while ago that they filmed about their work. They were entertaining and informative and I was instantly a fan. What a pleasure to meet them and tell them how much I adore their work.

So very thankful that I got to attend this event. I also got a signed poster of an awesome hitchhiking ghost image! Events like these make Walt Disney World feel more like Disneyland in a local appreciation sense. Though locals only comprise 30% of the guests at WDW, events like these allow us to.. "come out and socialize" .. heh heh .. and enjoy the parks on a more intimate level.


  1. Your costume looks so wonderful! I'm dying (pun intended) to dress up as the Mansion ballerina for the Halloween Party next month, but so many of the costumes I've seen others wearing look so intricate and difficult, and I have absolutely no experience with sewing or anything. This costume, on the other hand, looks perfect but definitely also looks easier to put together! So, I was just wondering what you used for the top of the dress? And what material you used for the sleeves? Did you paint the flowers on the skirt yourself? Any help you could offer would be absolutely wonderful! <3 Thank you so much in advance!


    1. Hi Casey!

      Thanks for reading! This costume was easier to construct than others I've seen. I had the help of my best friend's mom who is wonderful at sewing but I think you can still do it. It's all about illusion. I picked out what I thought were the most important details needed to replicate the image and constructed them in a creative way. Not everything needs to be what it seems..

      Though the ballerina in the Mansion appears to have a mini shoulder jacket of some sort I chose to represent that by only tying a piece of velvet around my neck. Instead of having a dress with big puffy sleeves I (very sloppily) bunched up pink, sparkly tulle and hot glued it to a ribbon to tie around each arm creating the illusion of sleeves. The tube top is made of the same velvet and I did have the nice lady sew it for me but I made sure to get stretchy material so it wouldn't have to be an exact size. You may be able to find a dark red tank top out somewhere! Lastly I had this white peasant skirt already. I turned it inside out, cut off the tags, and painted the flowers on myself with "Painters" paint pens. I wore real pointe shoes (I am a dancer) but I think any pink shoes will do as long as you get pink ribbon and tie them around your ankles in ballerina fashion.

      Don't forget the bun! Hair is often important in recreating an image of someone. The umbrella sure adds a lot too. I borrowed my friend's daughters pink umbrella from the Japan pavilion at EPCOT. Any pink umbrella will do. =)

      I know you can do it if you get creative and I think you can do it cost effectively too! I hope you'll share your final costume with me if you decide to be her for Halloween.

      I hope you'll check out my new blog at SparklyEverAfter.com. I won't be updating N*Joy Life anymore.

      Happy thoughts,