Most Listened to Songs on iTunes

When I turned on my PC to listen to my old iTunes music, which I rarely use anymore thanks to my MacBook, it was interesting to see what my most played songs were. An eclectic mix I would say!

#15-90 plays Taylor Swift-Love Story
#14-93 plays Taylor Swift-You Belong With Me
#13-95 plays Kina Grannis-Message From Your Heart
#12-95 plays Adele-First Love
#11-98 plays Muse-Starlight
#10-101 Michael Jackson-Beat It
#9-107 plays Drake-Houstatlantavegas
#8-107 plays Lady GaGa-Paparazzi
#7-116 plays Jonas Brothers-Much Better
#6-117 plays Miley Cyrus & Billy Ray Cyrus-Butterfly Fly Away
#5-122 plays The-Dream-Falsetto
#4-128 plays Adele-Daydreamer
#3-133 plays Ashley Tisdale-Hot Mess
#2-143 plays Lady GaGa-Poker Face
#1-169 plays J. Holiday-Suffocate

This is so fascinating to me because I can listen to some of these songs and remember why I listened to them on repeat, the situation I was going through that made that music comfort me and feelings of that time rush back. For example when I was going away to school I listened to Butterfly Fly Away all the time. I related to it so much because I knew how much I was going to miss my stepdad. Suffocate was a song that helped me through the time when my boyfriend broke up with me. (That's only happened once so it was rooouuugh.) The songs Starlight, Beat It and Paparazzi were ones that I did choreography to in college so I played them over and over. And over. I also went through a Taylor Swift phase so that explains her songs. Really the whole Fearless album was the only way I got through going away to school at UCF one semester. I was so homesick. As for Houstatlantavegas, Much Better, Message From Your Heart, and some of the others they were just songs that got me. The artists accomplished what they set out to do.

I'm challenging you to do a post like this and link it as a comment. I would love to see your top songs and some reasoning! It's quite fun, actually.

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