Texas trip day 4

Texas trip day 4
It was Easter Sunday so we set out to church in the am and then to a restaurant that was featured on Man Vs. Food. It was called Lou Lou's and they have a 3 pound cinnamon bun we were dying to try!
[Jim was the most excited]
[My new Easter dress]
[Jim with the bun we were about to destroy]
[oh heyyy 3 pounds of goodness]
It took 5 of us to finish this bad boy off and it was excellent! The service here was wonderful and our server said that the cinnamon bun was "made with love." It was great to see a mom and pop type place recognized for great food. They deserved it!

Next we walked around downtown San Antonio and I was taken away by the river walk. It is so. beautiful. This is something everyone must see in their life. It's just restaurants and shops and nightlife but the way the river literally runs through it with beautiful trees and plants makes it simply breath taking. I would LOVE to go on a date there someday. *Writes on bucket list*
[Le river walk]
We visited the Alamo because it's a must do when you're in San Antonio. I enjoyed this museum and learned how important the Alamo was to the establishment of our country. It led to the Mexican cession which gave us a huge area of land to the North West of Texas. I loved learning about the Catholic missions the Mexicans in this community led. It's rumored to be really haunted all around this area. I can't confirm that but I can say it's very old, historic and beautiful.
[The Alamo]
We made our way to the mall, this group loves shopping, and of course the Disney store. We also had fun in this store called Del Sol where you can buy almost anything that changes colors in the sun. I got nail polish that is silver inside but pink & sparkly outside. Then we headed to Fogo De Chao, another highlight of our trip. Did i mention we are foodies? This is a Brazilian steakhouse that brings meat around on skewers. There were so many kinds and you let them know if you wanted more or not by this card that was green on one side and red on the other. You put our card on green and guys would rush over and offer you hot delicious goodness. Put it on red when you're taking a break. It. Was. Awesome.
[More please]
[Dessert. Creme brulee is my absolute favorite <3 ]
[Riverwalk in my dress tehe]
[Pulling a Marilyn]
[More river walk]
It was the beginning of the end when some friends left to go home from here. We hung out but made it an early night because us visitors were headed home early.

[This face always makes early mornings easier]
[Reflecting in the airport I realized I DID get cowgirl boots in TX!]
[30,000 up]
I had a great time in Texas. Beautiful state. Lots of culture. Tex-Mex. Shopping. And more importantly, people that are so special to me.

Friends are the family we choose.

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  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time!! The River Walk is so pretty!!