Texas Trip Day 3

Texas Trip Day 3
We got up early to head to Six Flags FIesta Texas and I was ordered to ride the the 'girls car.' I was in high demand on this trip-hehe-these girlies were so fun and I feel like they are my little nieces.
You already know I go to Disney like it's my job but I had never been to a Six Flags and had no clue what to expect. The standards are definitely lower than the mouse's but I still had a GREAT time here and rode some awesome new roller coasters!
[Roller coaster exhibit A]
[Ruh Roh]
[Soaked after a water ride. Soaked!]
[Rick came too-the dance teacher I hung out with the day before. He's a blast]
[Jim Charles Ryan Riley Speedy (hehe) Jack Lea Me Vanessa Rick]
[Rollercoaster exhibit B; Superman!]
[Saw this drawing there.. LMBO!]
[Obligatory picture with Tweety Bird]
[Got a great view from up here]
[the view]
[got to sit to this little cutie on the way home]
[That night we celebrated the birthday of 2 of our friends]
[I really enjoyed the VIP treatment I got at the Robinson's. Thanks Riley! lol]
Six Flags was a blast. Next time I go I want to try and get more rides done.

Have you ever been to a Six Flags?

Which one?

What did you think?


  1. Looks like you had a great time.

    I've been to the Six Flags in NJ, but around here it's known as Great Adventure. I'm not a fan of the place. It's just an amusement park, and I'm a Disney Parks type of guy.

  2. I think I've been to Six Flags but it's certainly been a while.

    Those kids are so stinking cute! :) Love the little sign.