Texas trip day 1

It started like any other trip...

[On a plane]
But when I arrived in Texas I was picked up in a whimsical transportation device by my best friend, Charles.

[Self explanatory]

We drove around through places that looked like this..


..till we came to my friends school. He's a principal. I got to tour the beautiful new facilities..

[Center stage-my favorite place to be]

..and ended up in the dance classroom observing the students routines. The content of their class was much different than the dance I know and I enjoyed being exposed to a new type of curriculum for dance students. They did jazz but they also did a pom routine and a military routine which I hadn't seen before.

We went back to my friends house and I was so happy to see another wonderful friend of mine, Charles wife, Vanessa. I feel like their two boys are part of my family too.

[love these kiddos]

They are one of the most awesome couples on the planet. They had invited their friends over that evening, who I have gotten to know and love through different trips they've all taken to Disney.

[they are so fun-Amanda, Me, a Texas shaped chip & Rick]

[Rick's doggy <3 ]

We had a Tex-Mex night in and watched YouTube videos on Apple tv.

[Me & baby Gio on Apple tv]

It was such a great night with friends! We laughed so hard at this video-->

[Sexy Saxman]

It's funny how some of the best friends are the ones that live the farthest away.

Stay tuned for day 2!


  1. Welcome to Texas fellow Disney fan!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time!! :)