I'm going to Disneyland

[photo by Lynnette]

It's my first time! The farthest West I have been is Nevada. This time I'm going all. the. WAY! I was going to wait until the construction was done and go to Disneyland in 2012 but after going to Destination D here in Orlando this month I can't miss the D23 Expo in August. I will have lots of friends there and am really looking forward to this event.

So here's where you come in!!

I need tips. I know Walt Disney World inside out but I know nothing about Disneyland. I need travel, accommodation and restaurant suggestions.

Here's what I know and what I want to know:

I want to go for the expo

I want to stay at a Disney resort for at least part of the time. Which is better? Pros & cons?

I want to see World of Color.. Should I make arrangements of some sort?

What is the best airport to fly into and best way to get to my hotel?

I want to go to Club 33!! Any connections would be greatly appreciated..

What are somethings I can't miss?

What are some things I should know?

How far is LA and is it easy to take a day trip over there?

Anything else you can suggest or reccomend would be great! I want to get as much stuff in as possible and make my first trip to Disneyland phenom. Being well informed will help me do that!



  1. We flew out of Orange County (SNA)- very easy and not crazy crowded like LAX.

    Also, do either a dining package or picnic package for WOC- gets you preferred seating which is needed.

  2. Yes! I did the picnic package for WOC and it was AMAZING! And the picnics were decent. We tried three of them and all three were delish. I don't think you can go wrong.

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  4. Just took a look online to see how much of a hassle it would be to transport from Disneyland to Downtown LA... From what I've gathered It's a 30 min drive (Don't think any of us are renting cars though). However, It's only a quick train ride and a short bus ride if we use public transportation. Check out the info I found from his sight... http://www.drvoyageur.com/guides/disneyland-direct.html
    Also took a quick look at flights into SNA... They were more expensive even though it might be easier.

  5. I lived in LA when I was in school the last few years so I don't know much about the hotels but I'm great with the airports! Either LAX or SNA is fine. Frankly I used LAX all the time, and yes it's busy but it is just like any other multiple terminal airport. Both have Disneyland shuttles, ones owned by Disney and there are other companies with cheap fares to the area hotels if you decide not to stay at a Disneyland resort. I imagine LAX will be cheaper to fly into, but maybe you'll find a deal to SNA!

    World of Color is a must. It's a fast pass system, so the day of the World of Color you want to see you go to the machines in California Adventure (first thing in the morning! when they're out, they're out!) located at Grizzly River Run. If there are more than one showing that day I believe they fill up the first and then move to the next. Again, it's key you get your fast pass in the morning and go with the people you want to stand with, you get a color coded section to stand in that they fill up one by one. You'll be out of luck if you wait until noon to get a fast pass generally.

    Good luck with Club 33... I hope you have well connected followers! My few friends lucky enough to dine their made the connection through a friend of a friend of a friend sort of thing- pulling in a big favor.

    Don't miss the new walk through of Sleeping Beauty's Castle! I would say World of Color and you'll be there after Little Mermaid opens officially! I just did the 'Walk in Walt's Footsteps' tour earlier this month and enjoyed it. It's much cheaper than the WDW tours, but it doesn't take you 'behind the scenes' anymore. Fun family stories and how things came to be type of thing. They do take you in the lobby of Club 33!

    Since you're used to WDW, you might be disappointed on the size of things. There are only 2 parks that are much smaller and everything is close together, not as spread out as WDW (less walking!). I just recall many of the favorite rides were first in Disneyland & it is the original! Walt had a hand in every aspect of the original Disneyland park. Also it is feasible to do every ride if you're in the parks a full day for just 2 days.... that's how close together and small the parks are. Disneyland takes a bit longer- but since you'll be there in August during the expo I'm sure you'll have plenty of friends to wait in the long lines with you!

    I'm so jealous. Have fun!

  6. With World Of Color, you can pre-purchase a picnic that has reserved seating. http://disneyland.disney.go.com/disneys-california-adventure/world-of-color-picnics/

    SNA is the easiest airport to get to and from the Disneyland but sometimes you might get a cheaper flight in and out of LAX.

  7. I'm so jealous!! Disneyland's on my "must do some day" list :)