Mom's Disney Birthday Adventure

So in case you haven't picked it up already (it's just wrong if you haven't) I'm a huge Disney fan. I have an annual pass. I go all the time. Not as much as when I lived in Orlando [80+ times in 2010] but a lot. My mom is a Disney lover as well and when I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday she said go to the Magic Kingdom... Okay what she really said was "oh, honey, save your money. I don't want you to spend it on me." She turned 50 and I wanted to do something nice for her so I kept pestering until I got some kind of answer to go off of.

She only goes once or twice a year and always with me so it was nice to take her. We have our best memories here.

The new interactive queue for the Haunted Mansion is open now and it's AMAZING. (Think new Winnie the Pooh queue but in a creepy, adult fashion) I love it so much. The best part is these cool bookshelves that when you try to push a book in, others come out. Push those in and others come out. It reminded me of the library that you see on the ride. Oh wait the best part is actually this musician's crypt thing that has carvings of instruments on the side and when you touch the instrument it plays the Haunted Mansion song in the sound of that instrument. Cool right?
I love when this happens..
So we hung at the Magic Kingdom for a few hours then mom wanted a break so we went back to the resort I surprised her with as her gift, the Polynesian. She has always wanted to stay there, it's her favorite.
Duffy likes the Polynesian too!
We went to the Kona Cafe at the Polynesian for dinner. Gah, I love the bread there. I tried the Pan-Asian noodle dish instead of getting the coconut almond chicken like I always do. It was good but not something I would get again.
We headed back to the Kingdom around 8, did some rides, caught the castle projection show, The Magic, The Memories & You, and then Wishes fireworks. *Sigh* Who doesn't love Wishes?
I actually got my mom to stay til about midnight! [This is a feat. Trust me.]
The next day we spent hanging at the resort. We had these little guests that kept coming back. Ducks. They were cute but ruthless! They pecked on the door and kept coming up to my mom when she was sitting outside. I had to chase after them, clapping, to get them to go away. MAN, do I wish I had THAT recorded. I probably looked like such a tool. They were fun to watch until one pooped on our porch..then sat in it. Really pal? Ugh. You should have seen my face go from adoring nature at it's finest to--disgust. He just pooped. And sat in it! What the?!

Let me just tell you how amazing it was to enjoy the pool there. I have stayed there before and LOVE this pool. The beach, the hammocks, the view of the castle, Grand Floridian and Contemporary, the boat horns going off--it's paradise to me. And the slide!! Boy, oh, boy do I love that slide. I love pool slides in general but this is a good one.

I have more I want to share about this adventure. I'm actually saving some of the good stuff for something I'm putting together for the site I write for, WDWFanZone.com. I'll post a link to it when it comes out.

I'm going back to Disney next weekend. Woot. The next time I stay there at a resort, though, will be when I go with my stepdaddy as part of his 60th birthday celebration. AND.. we're staying at..wait for it..The Grand Floridian! I've never stayed there and I'm so dang excited. I'm glad my first memory of staying there will be something special like this.

Have a magical day!


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  2. Looks like an amazing trip!! I'm sure your mom's a total sweetheart just like you. So great you were able to enjoy such a special day together. Wishes is my favorite thing ever and I can't wait to see the new castle show when we're there this week. Fingers crossed I'll be down for my birthday later this year too!!

  3. Fabulous pictures, looks like an amazing time, wish I didn't live so far away, I would go all the time too!!