DC trip part:4

Then next morning I met up with my wonderful friends Jenn and Rob Whitney. They are such awesome people and always so fun to be with. We had a delicious breakfast at a buffet where I proudly 'killed two pieces of cake' and felt I deserved it after the half.
I headed back to DC from VA on the Metro, which I mastered on this trip by the way, and met my cousin at the National Archives. I didn't care for this place at first because of the set up. They took a lot of things they had to show and made facsimiles, copies, or even less real replicas to display. I thought that was odd because if I wanted to see a replica of something I would just look it up online. The awesome part of this place was the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. Yes. The real ones. In this building. On display. It felt unreal and I couldn't believe how big the actual documents were. Very fascinating that I stood in front of a piece of parchment that Benjamin Franklin and George Washington touched. Crazy. Another really cool thing was the display where you could listen to phone conversations presidents had. I listened to this awesome one between JFK and the governor of Mississippi when the first African American student was attending a college there. So cool.

We then ventured off to get something to eat. On the way we passed the Ford's Theatre where president Lincoln was assassinated. When the chocolate place, Co Co, we wanted to eat at was closed we made our way to the Hard Rock restaurant. Delish.
Last but not least, of course, we headed to the Executive Mansion to get a peek from the outside.
It was SO. UNREAL! I couldn't believe this was the house that I had seen on tv so many times, where every president besides Washington lived, and where so many decisions about our country are made. Unbelievable.
Here's a pic of the Metro map. So easy to use. I would recommend this totally for any tourist!
The next morning I headed to Reagan National airport and boarded for West Palm Beach. This was SUCH a great trip to be one of my first on this *worldtour2011* as I'm calling it. It helped me grasp my roots, become more patriotic and be truly thankful for where I live. God bless America!


  1. ahhhh I love DC so much! Glad you had a great time!! :)

  2. Glad you had such a great time! :)

  3. We loved seeing you too Nicole!