DC trip part:3

After the National Half, and a much needed nap and relaxation time, we headed out the the National Mall again to see more. March is a fantastic time to visit DC because the Cherry Blossoms bloom. The Cherry Blossom festival alone is a reason to visit. Here are some pics of them:

We planned on going on one of the Lantern lit tours that the state park people led. We chose the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial tour since we hadn't seen it yet. Here is the Jefferson Memorial from across the Tidal Basin as we passed it on the way.

The FDR Memorial was the most beautiful by far. It was a large area paved with stones with stone walls with tons of statues and quotes by this fabulous president. He did so many amazing things for our country.

Next we walked, quite far when your legs are sore from a hilly half, to the Jefferson Memorial. The premise of this memorial was very similar to that of the Lincoln. It had a large statue of Thomas Jefferson with his most memorable or moving quotes on the walls.

It also had an indoor exhibit with history, timelines and movies about him. Here are some quotes from that.

I really loved learning about the people who helped to shape our country. Amazing, breath taking and too deep to express via words in a blog.
This is a random pic of an embassy we saw on the way home. It reminded me of the Haunted Mansion haha.


  1. Love the cherry blossoms in DC! Smells amazing and they look even better. Looks like you had another fun day :)

  2. Awesome post! Makes me want to go to DC and brush up on some history. :)

    Glad you had a great day!