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"Dancers are both artists & athletes"

In addition to eating only healthy stuff lately, besides the occasional milano cookie, I have been switching up my fitness routine like crazy. I stopped going to the gym a few years ago and have since gotten my workout on through running and dancing. I now also have my own little collection of workout stuff in my room that I use too.

{Workout ball, jump rope, skip it, 5 lb weights, yoga mat, and a stretch rope}
I've been trying to throw my body curve balls everyday. My running workouts have included a regular 5K, then a mile with weights then a walk/sprint mile. I've done Denise Austin workout videos [love her] and jumped rope. For abs I usually do a whole song of crunches & and ab work nonstop. And I'm really feeling it today. /hello hammies/ It feels so good to be shaping up again. I see my arms getting sculpted and my waisted getting tighter. The scale, however, is hanging out in the same region. I know if I keep it up it will eventually go down a bit.

My main focus at this point is to be toning and conditioning to dance again. It was fantastic to have a bit of a break for my body but I'm ready now. I start my new jazz class tonight at a performing arts studio. It's adult jazz and it should be interesting to see the style and intensity of the instructor. I start my class at the college on 5/9.

{Some of my current workout inspirations}

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  1. Good for you! I think you look amazing and would trade my body for yours any day :) Keep up the great work.