National Half Race Recap

Woohoo!! I love destination races!! I'm going to try and do at least one every year forever. The National Half with it's course around DC was really different. I've been working for a year to run a sub 2:30 half and even though this was a rough course I still did 2:28:10!!!

Here is what I thought about this race.

-course sites include the Capitol, Washington Monument and White House. Also it goes through old historical neighborhoods.

-LOTS of runners so you never feel "alone" on the course. Sometimes courses get spread out and you feel like your jogging in your neighborhood by yourself. Not this one.

-never had to weave. They did a good job at having the 16,000 runners of this race spread evenly.

-Challenging course! Very hilly, for this FL girl at least, and I felt very accomplished after completing it. Still was able to PR!

-There were only two spots of on course entertainment and it was only people playing loud music and dancing around cheering. I don't think they were even organized by the race but nonetheless they were great morale lifters.

-The absolute WORST thing about this race was the mile markers. I felt like there were none! I also saw 5 and 10 and they were very small. Mile marker 12 was written on the course road in chalk? Really?? I felt this was unprofessional and cheapened the race. It can be dangerous or upsetting for runners who use these markers to pace themselves.
Before the race in our corral
Me and my beautiful cousin. I tell her my running addiction is all her fault! It really is. :) But it's a good thing.
The Capitol building on the course.
The White House from the back.
The bling! The back says "I ran through history." Very cool medal.

Overall I would do this race again because of it's location. The course was not terribly exciting but I love this city so that alone would bring me back.


  1. my cousin lives nearby - you've got me wanting to do it next year! :)

  2. What's this race called? I want to run in it someday - that's awesome!

  3. Very cool. I'm so proud of you for beating your goal!! Great job Nicole!