Leavin on a jet plane. DC bound!

Hello from my ride to the airport!! My mother loathes driving on the highway so this hour long endeavor has been quiet trip..hence me writing this blogpost. I charged my portable DVD player last night so I could watch some Glee (my newest obsession) on the plane today. Unfortunately I realized I didn't have the player in charge mode and got no juice--boooo. I'll survive I guess.

Excited for this trip for a few reasons.. I haven't seen this cousin in a while. She is one of the only family members I still keep in touch with on my dads side. She's so special to me and I love that we have these weekends together at least once a year. She's my running pal! She's the one that got my started on being a runner and you know how big it is in my life now.

The National half marathon! We're running it Saturday. I've never been to DC so I'll get to see all the sites there for the first time on the race course! Yippee :) We run past the White House!! I can't get over it. Reeeaaalllyyy hoping for this sub 2:30 to happen. Pretty confident!

Alright we're almost to the airport.



  1. Have a safe flight and enjoy the race! :)

  2. Have a GREAT Trip Tushy!!!!!!! take lots of pics and run run RUN!!!!! xoxoxoxox

  3. Safe travels. Enjoy seeing your cousin and the race. I know you'll do amazing!