FAST. I'm going to use this term lightly but that's how I feel right now. I ran the fastest for the longest that I ever have. I did 8 miles tonight in 1:24:06. My pace was 10:29. That pace is a minute faster than my average long distance pace.


I think all it really took was a little push. I'm great at giving running advice and I finally took some of my own. I actually got in my head and coached myself. I motivated myself. I cheered for me and an awesome thing happened. I am thankful to God, not only today but for everyday, that I am able to walk and be healthy let alone run and challenge myself physically.

Truly a blessing

The need for this major push is my next half marathon which is quickly approaching. On 3/26 I'll run the National half marathon. The course is AwEsOmE and goes around all the cool stuff in DC. I've never been there and the first time I see The White House will probably be while I'm running passed it during this race. How amazing. The National half has a 2:30 pace requirement and while that has been a goal I've been chasing for a while, I haven't hit it yet. The closest I've gotten was 2:30:48 at the Wine & Dine half marathon in October, 2010. I haven't trained as much as I wanted but it's not seeming to matter and tonight's run was phenom. Hoping to keep this up, get a 10 mile run in this week and rock the National half.



  1. Awesome! So proud! Keep it up, Nicole!

  2. Great job Nicole!! I love DC and hope to get back there soon. Enjoy the trip and the run.