Cuteness On a Stick

I'm pretty much infatuated with these. I saw them on E! news and fell in love all over again. I saw Britney Spears carrying one of these around a while ago but now she, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Scherzinger, Mel B and Holly Madison ALL have their own collection?! What's a girl to do! I am SO excited to get one when I go to Vegas in May. A Sugar Factory, candy store, opened at Paris Las Vegas in the Fall of 2010. You can order them online at SugarFactory.com too but I'd rather shop at the store. You get to choose what flavor lollipop goes in the holder. I'm assuming you can buy back up lollipops too for when you finish the first one. They are $25.oo which is ridiculous for a lollipop but let's be real..you're buying it because it's a damn cute accessory.

There is a Vegas collection too which I might end up getting because I don't know if I could decide between those ladies. They are some of my favorite people!
Hello Kitty also has a collection which is so. cute. I. can't. take. it.

What do you think about these?

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