"I do it for the t-shirt"

Have you ever heard that phrase about being a runner? My cousin told me about that quote when we were on the way to my first race and explained how it's a joke among runners. I can't deny that I was excited to have a shirt to wear to share my accomplishment. It seems really cool when you first start running to get the "I Did It" or the "Spring Chicken 5k" t-shirt. When you have a lot of races under your Spi-belt it doesn't phase you as much but it's always a perk. My athletic drawer is now overflowing with these race shirts but each one holds a memory of the time I received it.

The new running attire that I covet is a pair of these little beauties..
Being the epitome of a girly girl, I absolutely love diva-ing up my workout outfits. When I saw other runners wearing things like these Little Mismatched socks and Running Skirts on their blog, I knew they were something I could get used to. I also love Bondi Bands and the thinner headband type elastics that you can get at any drugstore or Walmart. In the picture below I'm wearing a snazzy one that says "<3>

So tell me this..

What is your must have (or want to have) athletic accessory?


  1. As a guy, I have two must haves: a hat (preferably one that's ventilated and has a wicking sweat band) and my iPhone.

    My want to have, however, is a pair of prescription running sunglasses. I wear glasses (can't do the whole contacts thing) so it would be great to have a pair of prescription sunglasses to wear while running. in fact, if I got a pair, I might just ditch the hat.

  2. I have to have my Iphone, a running skirt, and my water. Those are my must haves

  3. Not just an i-pod the the right tunes/podcast uploaded to the ipod. It's amazing what I listen to working out vs. what I listen to for enjoyment. Item #2 Pearl Izumi running shoes!

  4. I love runningskirts and sweaty bands :)