Sunday at home

I came home this weekend from college to spend the weekend with my family (stepdad and Nana who lives next door to us) and relax. I make this 2 hour drive often because I'm a big family person and would rather spend my time with them than participating in regular college student festivities.

My weekend has been a little like this.. Friday I got in around 8 and decided to go to bed early. I had a lot of things on my mind and needed to rest.

Saturday morning Stepdaddy got bagels for us. I had an awesome everything bagel with and a chocolate milk. Mmm. Perfection. Then I went out for 10.3 mile training run. The weather is so nice and I really enjoyed the run. No world record time here but felt like I had a nice final long run before my half next weekend. :) I went to the Jensen Alehouse last night with Stepdaddy and we sat at the bar..odd. There were no tables available immediately so we sat at a bar together for the first time. Then we saw The Town and WOO can that Ben Affleck act himself silly. I was so impressed with this film which rang familiar with The Departed, a favorite of mine. Though it was saturated with violence I would absolutely recommend this movie because of it's beautiful love story and because it makes you genuinely empathize with a villain which is rare.

Sunday. Today. I woke up and got the bagels this morning. :) It has been great to watch the Kardashians for hoursss! My roommates in Orlando decided they didn't want cable and I have missed my Kardash sisters so. And Dancing With The Stars but that's besides the point. I painted my nails with "Mean & Green" from the Maleficent section of the MAC Venomous Villain collection and now I'm about to adventure into the kitchen for the chocolate muffin I picked up this morning ;) (You can't see the beauty of the color in this pic but...)

This week is not so crazy as far as school goes but I do need to use this time wisely and prepare for the fierce weeks ahead. I need to pick songs to sing in my Musical Theatre Repertoire class next week and a Shakespeare scene that I'm going to direct for my Directing class among other things.

Next weekend I have the Halloween Half Marathon here in South Florida.
I'm feeling ready and wanted to sub 2:30 but I won't push myself. I'm just going to enjoy the miles and the beachy scenery. Some of the race festivities include:
  • Chip timing
  • Long-sleeve t-shirt
  • Finishers' medals

we have added a deejay to get us pumped up at the start and provide entertainment for the finish line party, breakfast sandwiches from HoneyBaked Ham, and free massages.

Sounds fun!

Since I've gotten more involved with Twitter I've really neglected my blog. I've decided to take a break from Twitter for a while to make sure I'm being productive and using my time wisely. I'm hoping as I take this break I can get back into the swing of things with my blog and figure out how split my social media time evenly between here and Twitter when I'm ready to go back.

Until next time,


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  1. A Halloween Half sounds like such fun. The Town was SUCH a good movie, wasn't it?