Family Summer Disney Trip

Short & sweet. That's usually how we keep our Disney trips when my nephews come to visit. It is always the six of us: Stepdaddy, Tara (my sis), Joe (my bro-in-law), Casper & Clayton (the nephews) and yours truly. *Wink* We stayed at the Polynesian last year and loved it but wanted to explore roomier options which led us to The Cabins at Fort Wilderness. Our cabin had a bedroom with a queen bed and a bunk bed, a kitchen and a living room with a murphy bed. There was room for 6 to sleep. This resort has a really countryfied feel. We played at the pool the first day and by 'we' I mean all of us. I LOVE pool slides so I played too on the grownup slide of course. The boys absolutely adored the play area for kids there and spent all day squirting each other and going down the slides. hehe. Later on I hit the running trail with my friend Jared. It goes all the way to Wilderness Lodge and is exquisitely scenic. The family barbecued at the cabin that night. It's a nice option to have in the Summer especially when all little boys want to do is play with their water shooters outside anyway. :)

The next day we woke up early to venture to the Magic Kingdom. We took the boat over from The Cabins. This is a bit of a lengthy commute. You have to operate around the resort on buses to make it to the dock and then it's a 20 minute ride. Very pretty views but can be an inconvenience for those in a rush to get to the park. We got on every attraction we wanted though my 6 year-old nephew would barely get on any rides. Maybe next time. Besides the brief, sporadic fits thrown by the nephews (what do you expect from hot, cranky kids) it was a perfect family day. We even got a visit from my great friend John on twitter. I wanted my family to meet so many of the wonderful friends I have made this Summer but didn't want to take away from family time. John joining us at MK for the evening was the perfect balance and the fam adored him including the kiddos. He would fake cry when they said we weren't going to go on a ride he wanted and the kids ate it up!
The next day we were off to down town Disney to shop and eat and we did plenty of both. We ate at Earl of Sandwich and the boys had $50 each to spend wherever they please from pop-pop. :) My sister and I did some damage in Basin, the store that sells soaps and bath & shower stuff. Loved it. We loaded up our Suburban with bags and bags..and bags and headed home.



  1. You're back! Its been too long ;) Great post

  2. great pics, thanks for sharing!

    (I miss Fl :(