11-11 make a wish

hey bloggy world :) I've missed you!

I only have 13 days left until the Walt Disney World Wine & Dine race weekend! I've said this before but as a refresher, on October 3rd I'm running Mickey's 5k in the morning and the Wine & Dine half marathon at night. Yes 2 races in one day. I'm thinking of it as a 16 mile training run for my first full (at Disney) in January.

Now that that's cleared up, time is ticking away for this race. I planned on doing an 11 mile training run yesterday. I have been extremely overwhelmed lately and I had a bit of a breakdown yesterday. I set out for those 11 miles and...did 1. I had my iPhone bopping in my back pocket because my stepdad said I should carry it. This is because last time I ran around here a guy got out of his car and started walking with and talking to me. Harmless but creepy. Then I couldn't figure out the water situation. I couldn't carry enough water with me and my route had no fountains. Like 10 other things caused me to cut the run short.

I woke up this morning feeling better and didn't pressure myself but decided happily that I would do my 11 today. The miles went like this:

Mile 1 - run
Mile 2 - run
Mile 3 - run 1st half, walk 2nd half
Mile 4 - run
Mile 5 - walk
Mile 6 - run
Mile 7 - walk
Mile 8 - run
Mile 9 - walk
Mile 10 - run
Mile 11 - walk/run so I would finish in the time I wanted..

which was... 2:30:29! I wanted to do it in under 2:30 but I ran in the house to get water during this run and that had to take at least a minute so I basically did. I know I can do a sub 2:30 half for sure now because it was 90 degrees out (weatherchannel.com said it felt like 96) and that definitely slows me down quite a bit. I've read about it and it's scientifically proven that is slows you down. Running in the heat is the hardest way to run in my opinion. I drank 6 bottles of water through out this run! I couldn't believe it. I put them in my mailbox and would scoop one every few miles when I looped around only to finish it in seconds.

In conclusion, this run taught me what running has time and time again. You have to push yourself. No one else will. You decide whether you will run or not. You decide how you do based on your attitude. Just like life :) and that's why I love running. Oh! And the killer tush it gives you ;)


  1. Way to go Nicole! You will do awesome at the half in a couple weeks!

  2. Hey! I was browsing the profiles looking for people that share my same interests and you seem really cool! :) I think is is super cool that you are a runner, I workout alot but I couldn't imagine running 16 miles! Good luck on your race! I'll follow you if you don't mind, I'm 21 and a senior in college as well.