Where I've been! My sister is in town..

Every Summer my stepsister comes to visit with my 2 awesome nephews and her crazy funny husband. This his been quite the eventful trip so far...

We've had a lot of pool time..
I bought them these fun walrus floats. They are extremely hard to balance on and us 'grown-ups' have been using them as water bulls and have been having 8 second competitions! LOL. I was able to stay on mine for like 13 seconds once!
Now you see me..
Now you don't!
The beach has been a big part of our family time too.
We go to this kid-friendly beach that has a reef with lots of fishies..hence the snorkle gear. I'm P. Sherman!! (Can someone please tell me if they get that joke..)
Finding Nemo..
Sister and Stepdaddy :)
Then we went to this neat place where they had little touch tanks with sea animals and you could feed stingrays!
Me checking out the hermit crab
Touch tank!
Ew I cant believe I touched this and fed it to a stingray

One of my nephews as a stingray...and the other
We took a drive to Jupiter and went to a rocky beach. We got to pass Celine Dion, Tiger Woods, and Greg Normand's house on the way.
Then we headed off to the main event..
Here I am on top of the Jupiter lighthouse!
We went for my nephews but one was too little and one was too scared..
So me and my broinlaw were the only 2 who climbed the 105 steps to the top!
When the kids go to bed we have grown-up time and play Apples to Apples.
also my sister and I had a nail party :)
Not too many colors to choose from haha. I have a whole row of just pinks.
We did Mickey & Minnie designs because our Disney vacation was the next day :) Mine are the pink toes of course
and the Disney vacay post is coming soon!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Summer too!


  1. how fun!! :) can't wait to read about disney.

  2. I need some more nailpolish. mine is probably all over 4 years old and I only have like 3 shades. Love your toes though. :)
    What a fun family adventure you had!

  3. Looks like lots of fun!!!

  4. FUN!!!!!!!! I love that you got to spend QT with them :) xoxoxoxox

  5. I wish my pedicures came out even half as cute. Glad to see you're having a great summer vacay with the fam :)

  6. I love the toenails, Nicole!!! I finally found your blog!!!!
    Miss ya!!


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