Getting better all the time..

3.1 mile run in 36:47

I took some advice from @the4orce22 and ran the first mile slower with the intention of speeding up gradually. Well I didn't speed up but I was able to run 2 consecutive miles! (This is not really a big feat, for me it's just been a while since I've done it.) My hip was still bothering me after the first 2 miles but I'll keep icing and taking it easy. I hope it's not from my new shoes! I've been working on my speed so much that I forgot how much ground you actually cover going at a decent pace without stopping. I've been doing so much run/walk/run lately and have been discouraged but going back to a slower pace reminded me that I'm actually good at long distance..when I take my time. I'm still working on my goal of a sub :30 5k in October and then the same night I want my half to be sub 2:15. Both are dooable since I've been smarter about training this time around. Today before my run I did the 7 minute warm up on page 80 of the July Runner's World. I want to continue to work on my core and do exercises good for runners instead of just pounding the pavement day after day. I've also been better with nutrition and know I'm a better runner when I weigh less. Everything is tightening up and that makes me a happy girl!

I wore my running skirt again today and was MUCH happier this time around. :-D I took my iPod nano and that fit in the pocket and didn't bob around at all. I didn't wear my spibelt today but I'll figure that out another day. I think i just can't wear the 2 together-has anyone been able to do that successfully?

I ate a Chocolate Gu before the run because
Tonia said she liked that one and WOW I LOVE that one! It tastes like brownie batter!

I'm feeling really happy about today's run just because my morale is high. Lately when I've finished my run I've been down and bashing myself with stuff like "Why am I so tired?" "Why am I so slow?" "Is this an injury coming on?" Today it felt good to go slow, be me and enjoy the run and sometimes you just need a "me" run like that.


  1. I concur. Chocolate Gu rocks my world. Also, I'm glad you're silencing your inner critic. It really helps you appreciate everything that you are accomplishing.

  2. before i got sidelined i use to beat myself up about pace a lot. now i'm just thankful to be running!