Gadget run gone wrong

In my last post I talked about how excited I was about all my new running gear. In this one I will talk about how annoying it all was..

I set out early in hopes of doing a 10k wearing my new Brooks Adrenaline, Running Skirt and tech top, Spibelt with water bottle attached, and had Gu Chomps in my spibelt pocket and my iPhone for timing and music.

The first annoying thing was that my feet and calves were hurting from getting used to my new shoes. Then my headband kept slipping. Then the shorts under my running skirt were riding up. Then my legs were rubbing together. Then my Spibelt was bopping because the water had slid to the front. Then other things started to bug me (mother nature related.)


I knew I was going to have to get used to all this stuff but--no, it's not for me. So I went around my 5k neighborhood route once and knew I would need to stop and readjust for the second lap. I noticed when I got home that my running skirt (note:this is my first time wearing it) had already started to get pulls in it. It is that thin, bathing suit material and from wearing the Spibelt it had already gotten worn out. Guess these things aren't durable. :-/

The Brooks Adrenaline shoes are very different from my other running shoes. I got a much larger size in these than normal because I thought it felt right but now I don't know. They felt big, bulky and hard when I was running, not like my old Nike Equalons. I liked the Equalons a lot but the guy at Track Shack said the way they wore on the bottom showed they might not be the best shoe for me.

So I fixed everything as best I could (tightened Spibelt, got more water, went potty, fixed headband) and headed out for round 2. I really wanted all this stuff to work because I had been looking so forward to it.

Round 2 was a little better but the running skirt and spibelt are not a good combo--too slippery. I refuse to put anything in the running skirt pockets btw. I had my iPhone in there for 5 seconds and it kept hitting my leg annoyingly and my skirt started to slip down..

*SIGH* Hopefully all this stuff will work out better once I figure out how it works best for me. I didn't let it get the best of me though-I felt tired and discouraged but still went out for my last 3 miles even though I had to walk most of it.

Overall I'm happy because it's been a while since I've done a 10k (Since right after the Princess half I think) and I'm excited to work up my mileage and get ready for the halfs I have coming up in October.


  1. i love my spi belt so don't give up on it yet. my big fear of running skirts was that my legs would rub together. :(

  2. Hey lady. I feel your pain with the legs rubbing thing. I have tried every running skirt on the planet and it still always happens to me. I spent the entire Brooklyn half readjusting the undershorts and when I finished my thighs were all chaffed.
    I have a spibelt too but it's sitting in my running corner because I discovered raceready shorts and capris and haven't looked back since. Check them out. raceready.com. I carry my camera, metrocard, cellphone, gu and sometimes ipod in the pockets all at one and I've never had a problem. They're awesome.
    On the brightside, you're totally getting into the training groove. By the time the marathon comes round you'll be a total pro!

  3. I have a running skirt and the shorts portion of it kept riding up on me. I hate it. It really put a damper on my run when I wore it.