Summer movies review

When it comes to Summer time, movies dominate in our household. There usually comes a point when we can't see a movie because..there a none left to see. lol. Here's what I thought about some movies I have seen recently that are still in theaters:
Grade: B-
Review: I never watched the show but I saw the first movie and loved it. The shoes, the clothes, the atmosphere, the fabulousness-it was a fun girl movie. The sequel had a lot of the same but in a new fashion, pun intended. The girls take a trip to Abu Dhabi, thanks to Samantha, and most of the action is pushed by the girls doing things that are culturally unacceptable there. I'm a conservative girl and don't really agree with the values, or lack of, portrayed in this series. I was also a little appalled by the appearance of some of the main characters. I know that everyone ages but I don't feel they are embracing it well and are still trying to look 25. It's not working. Overall, this is a fun movie to look at-lots of glam, fun locations, divaliciousness galore. Just know that first word of the title is what a lot of the movie is about.

Grade: A-
Review: When this was first advertised I did not plan to 'fandango' my tickets.When my stepdad said he wanted to see this, a chick flick, I thought 'll take what I can get!' To my surprise this was one of the best love movies I've seen. The beautiful setting, along with enchanting Italian accents, captivated me from the start. I felt the relationship between the main character and her fiance was not a believable one. I gave this movie an A- because it did drag at one point. Seyfried gives a great performance and the love in this movie is tangible. I was saying 'Lorenzo Bartolini' in a loud Italian voice for days! We loved the movie so much, yes even my stepdad loved it, we went to Olive Garden after to celebrate. :)

Grade: A+
Review: At the end of the first Ironman my stepdad and I sat staring at the credits with our jaws dropped. It was love at first site with Robert Downey Jr's character Tony Stark. He plays a super cool, rich, smart, bad@$$ superhero who is really fun to look at. This sequel does not disappoint and may even be better then it's predecessor! There's action, love, fantastic visual effects, action, cool technology, action...action. lol Ok so it's definitely an action flick but there's a lot of comedy in this script as well and RDJ's superb comedic touch makes it extremely enjoyable. Scarlet Johansen plays a super hot bad girl and quite possibly my dream role. If you are a movie buff, you will love it. I'm predicting this is the best movie I will see of 2010!

Grade: C
Review: It is unfortunate that as we bid our giant, green friend farewell, we are not left fulfilled. I found Shrek 3 to be the best of the series and had high hopes for the fourth and final installment of this adult-humored, animated collection. Though my throat was sore from impersonating the funniest lines of the movie so much, "do the roar" and "I love you daddy", I must say that the writers let me down. I was hoping for many laughs and felt they weren't delivered. The story was cute but predictable. It was just 'ok' for me. :-/

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  1. SATC2 was extravagant and over the top, but I was very entertained