Sizzlin' Summer Challenge Check In #4

Hey all! It's been a while but I haven't forgotten. I hope the lovely KBRunsDisney
Coachstar are rocking out still! How are you ladies doing with your goals?

I will not be able to reach my goal--oops--but making it did encourage me to try harder!

4 more days until June 30th! :)


  1. i was so excited when i turned on my computer and found this blogpost in my list to be read! (:
    Okay (:
    well, it was the end of the school year and i had lots of exams to take, so i slacked a lot for the past weeks or so. but now it is summer vacation! :D and i've been running as frequently as possible! i love going out in the morning and just running non stop for a half hour or so. it gives me time to wake up, plan what to do for the day, and most of all, just think. running has helped me become a more organized person, and a healthier person. i've been looking forward to getting some awesome clothes to run in too! (: as for cleaning my room, not so great. it's not in bad shape now, but it needs work (: i am working on it all day today! i think i've decided what color i'd like to paint it too! (: well thank you so much for holding this challenge, i think it helped me a lot and i know that i will be able to run two miles in under 18 minutes now! (:

  2. Hey lady. My goals... I was waaay remiss on the scrapbooking. Not a single page. I think I did pretty well with my mileage. I cut back once I switched to the five fingers but I haven't missed a run since. And best of all you guys inspired me to do some serious spring (er, summer) cleaning. I'm still a pack rat, but at least I'm no longer eligible to star in an episode of hoarders. ;)