RunCourtRun Virtual 5k Race Report

One of the cool things about an online race is that you usually have flexibility on the date. I was going to do this race yesterday but had one of those "I don't feel like running" days and moved it to today. Once again I went out into the middle of the day when it was extremely hot. Why do I do this to myself lol. It was about 87 degrees, as my iPhone told me during my run, and I wasn't able to get my sub :33. *Sigh* Someday!!! I was just happy to finish, I felt like I was going to faint a few times out there. I had to do a lot of run/walk/run which brought my time down. I was SO happy to get my first mile in sub :10! Yay! That makes me so happy when I'm in the 9:00s. After that the heat just got to me. I have a fitness center at my apartment in Orlando so I'm looking forward to that treadmill.

Mile 1 - 9:36
Mile 2 - 12:28
Mile 3.1 - 14:09
TOTAL - 36:14

Post-run snack: I went Houdini on some blueberries-Now you see em, now you dont! Then Greek yogurt and a slice of white pizza for lunch.

Thanks for the race Court!


  1. Yeah....its WAY too hot here. It was 11pm last night before my hubby and I got our run in :)

  2. Oh, and....your race time might be a little better than you though. 3.1=5K. Looks like you went a bit over :)

  3. oh haha that's a typo. Oopsies.

  4. Nicely done woman. Running in that kind of heat really zaps your energy so you could probably subtract a couple of mins that you wouldn't have needed if it weren't so crazy hot outside.

  5. great job!! :) especially on that sub 10 min first mile. the heat has a way of just zaping you doesn't it?

  6. Great job! Thanks for participating and supporting LLS!

  7. Great job on the run!