Random Thursday tidbits

I just did a great run. Not as awesome as my Tuesday night group run but a little farther of a distance. 3 miles this time with a pace of 11:31. Not too shabby for getting back in the swing of things. I'm still working to get to 250 miles for the year by June 30th! It will be tough but I will feel so accomplished if, no when, I do it. When I'm working a Summer camp in Orlando starting June 14th, I will have 3 weeks where I get out of work at about 2:30 every weekday. I'll be just a few miles from Disney so I'd like to go run some of the resort trails and plan to get a lot of miles in that way. :)

I'm going to work for my stepdad for a bit today. He owns the oldest welding shop in town. It's been there since 1974! He bought it in the nineties but it's getting to be too much stress for him so he wants to sell. I'm taking inventory today to help configure how much the business is worth.

I set up my scrapbooking area in my room. :) I'm planning on having a giveaway for the opening of my Etsy store. Coming soon!

I've been feeling so blessed lately! Praise Jesus. :)

I started reading Eat Pray Love the other day. It's good so far. I'll do a review when I'm done.

Happy Thursday!

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