P to the R

I went out for an early 4 mile run this morning to beat the heat. It was still pipin' hot at 8:30 am--welcome to Florida. I look kinda of deformed in this pic. haha. I think it's because I took it while running so my iPhone was shaking. Sometimes it does that.
I ran my new fastest mile this morning in 8:57! AND! I did my first 2 miles in just under 20 minutes! These are two big accomplishments for me.
Here's my mile count:
Mile 1 - 8:57
Mile 2 - 10:59
Mile 3 - 13:08
Mile 4 - 14:29
Total - 47:37

I love the recreation path I ran this morning. There's always lots of people working out.

I've picked up my mileage quite a bit in the last few weeks. I plan on sticking to the 1-4 mile range for the next few weeks to avoid injury.

PS-- I saw on the news today that THE most dangerous highway in America is I-95 and the 3rd most dangerous I-4..hmmm. I ride on these ALL the TIME! For hours at a time! Lol. Guess I better be careful out there.


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  2. great job!

    I saw the 95 thing too, I literally said "no surprise there" outloud to myself :)