Life lately & Disney

I reached 50 followers! :-D Thank you to everyone who ever read a post of mine. Wow 50 people may actually care about my running, Disney, beauty, dance teacher rambles! I feel very special. :)

Well the last 2ish weeks that I haven't been blogging have been jam packed with fun! Last week I taught dance at Disney CineMagic camp, this week I'm teaching dance at a special needs camp. The 2 experiences have been very different and I've learned so much. They will each get their own post soon.

I've been doing..okayyy with running. Not nearly enough miles have gone in this month but I've been doing it as much as possible. It's hard when you're next race is months away.

Though I've been to busy too blog I must say that I have been on twitter quite a bit! I've made some wonderful friends on there that I have so much in common with. Most of them live in my area and I got to meet a bunch 2 weeks ago at Disney! (It is a love we all share)

This is the lovely @heavensent30 who is an absolute sweet heart and is quickly becoming one of my favorite people. :)

@jdenning88 and @al3xg are so much fun! You can't really see them but the blue things are these fun little lite-up ice cubes that came in their "Blue Magic" drinks from Epcot.
The whole group was awesome and I was so happy to hang out with @chris_toffer again and with @jl_davis @roraboriealice and @the4orce22 for the first time :)

I got my annual pass to Disney on this trip as well so I'm uber excited that I can go whenever I want now. :) It was worth it any way considering all the races I'm going to do there within the next 8 or so months.

All the Summer Nightastic stuff was fun to see. We went to Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios over the duration of the weekend. The characters in the Mainstreet Electrical Parade were fun as well as the soundtrack to the new Nightastic fireworks at Magic Kingdom (though it was no *Wishes*) I did enjoy the fireworks coming out of the castle.

Meeting friends on the net, via twitter or blog, allows you to connect with people who you truly share interest with. I adore all my new friends and can't wait to meet many of the out-of-staters who are coming to visit in October for the Disney Wine & Dine weekend.

I'm going to stop slacking on the blogosphere!


  1. you are such a sweetheart! I am so excited that we met & you are an awesome addition to our Park Group :) Princess Peanut, Future Headache & I adore you, too!! Looking forward to much more fun!!

  2. Chris looks like he is sitting on a throne! Good times!

  3. Watching Disney princesses is part of my childhood, and one of my dreams is to go to Disney too.

  4. You are such a sweet & friendly person Nicole! It was such a pleasure to have met you! I had so much fun that night in MK! I look forward to future meet-ups with you and the crew. Thanks for including me in your blog! :)

  5. We'll need to meet up at the Wine & Dine! :)

  6. Very, very cool Nicole! congrats on on the meet-ups and fun at Disney! I'm so jealous! :-)