Help wanted:First Marathon Confusion

Okay my awesome runner ladies-I need your help! I've learned a lot on my running journey so far-enough to get me through a half marathon. Now, I'm taking it up a notch. I've started researching and buying stuff to start marathon training. Exhibit A-I ordered my first Running & Athletic skirt and a matching top! Dying to get them in the mail. I also won my first pair of Little Mis-Matched socks from RunCourtneyRun! Yay. :o) Can't wait to take a pic and show RacingWithBabes. Exhibit B-I knew I would need a new pair of running shoes soon so I went to Track Shack in Orlando here today. I have only been to the Fleet Feet back home when it comes to running stores. This one has a better selection and I found a nice pair of shoes that I plan on being my next! The Brooks Adrenaline felt great on my tootsies! I have seen them frequently around the blogosphere I just couldn't put a finger on where. Then when I got home I was on RunningDivaMom's blog and bingo! That's where I had seen them!

So here's where YOU come in!(Links would be greatly appreciated!)

What kind of marathon training schedules have you used?

Any tips for training for a first marathon?

What's you fave nutrition and how often do you refuel while racing?

Do you wear a water belt while training?

Do you wear a spy belt?

How do you get faster?

What a good runner exercises?

I would love any other info you could offer...

thank you and happy running :)


  1. I have no idea on most of this but I have a friend who used rookiemarathon.com to train for a marathon. I'm using their half marathon schedule.

  2. i'm planning on using hal higdon's plan but i'm going to check back here tomorrow to see what tips you've gotten. disney will be my first.

    i got an spi belt for christmas and love it. i haven't used it for long runs yet,but i'm sure it'll be perfect for gels.

  3. Yeah for cute running outfits -- can't wait for pics -- you'll be absolutely adorable!
    I use Coolrunning.com for my training plans. I dont' follow the schedule to a "t", but am pretty close. I plan my runs around "life".
    I love my GoLite Handheld Clutch water bottle. It was key in my last marathon. It also has pockets for gu's and such. I also always where bottoms that have an inner pocket for sports beans and grab them as I got. I love Sports Beans and Gu Chomps for nutrition durnig my long runs and races. Good luck lady!

  4. {1}I would NOT recommend the marathon training plan I used! Use Hal Higdon's...he's a classic standard that tons of people have loved.

    {2} Be sure to read TONS of running books. Most of it will not apply to you, but read them anyway. The best piece of advice were found after having read countless other advice that applied little to me at all.

    {3} I just use Gatorade. Powerade sits ill in my stomach. Hoping to try gels soon! And be sure to try loads of stuff while training, and find what sits best with your body. I didn't do this, and regretted it immensely.

    {4} No water belt here!

    {5} I must not be an official runner, because I don't know what a spy belt is, LOL.

    {6} Interval training and hills will increase your fast-twitch muscles, which allow you to be faster on the long run (literally).

    {7} Plyometrics! Get a book from the library on them. Tough, but awesome.

    Oh and how jealous am I of your new running apparel? There's so much cute stuff out there, but I am hesitant to buy it because I don't exactly *need* it. Sigh. I should start a savings accounts for my running habit, LOL.

    And be sure to answer my weekly running question!! Maybe you'll be featured next! :)

  5. I can not wait to see this outfit! For my upcoming marathon I think I am going to use a handheld waterbottle and a spibelt. I have used a hydration belt in the past, but I am not liking mine right now. Use your 18+ milers to test out what you would use on race day. Right down to your underwear!

  6. I do interval training along with hills to increase my speed. Don't know if it is working yet because after those I am usually too tired to even move!!