Good Little Runner GIrl

I took these fun pics during my run. One foot in front of the other. :)

I switched it up today while running. I did 4 miles but ran the first and last and walked the 2 in between. Of course this made my time less than praiseworthy but it will stop my muscles from getting in a rut. I still did the first mile in under 10 minutes! :-D This is something I'm getting really good at and hope to be able to do quite a few miles sub 10 during the Wine & Dine half.

I did some strength training after my run. Two types of squats at regular pace and then pulsing. Quite a bit of arms with my 5 pounders. Then I stretched and I've been on my mac blogging in a straddle position to get these dancer legs back in tip top shape!

I really want to try and be a better runner. I want to start including strength training, cross training and a better nutrition in my routine. I started today!

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