Disney CineMagic Camp Recap & video

I met some of the most amazing 5-8 year olds ever! I loved teaching these little kids to dance to Disney hits. Honestly if I could do exactly what I did that week as my career, I would die a happy woman! I loved it so much and miss those little kiddos already. Here's a vid of our final product HERE. Prepared to be overwhelmed with cuteness if you watch that video! Some kids had never had experience with theatre while others had 3 agents and had been in commercials already. lol. I felt like I connected with every student at one point and realized how awesome I am at classroom management. We did the cutest crafts! One was a magic lamp they decorated and then we had them write a wish on the back. We also made Disney CineMagic Camp t-shirts (which they wore in the video up there.) I have always enjoyed teaching and choreographing for high school students the most because you see the biggest growth. When I choreographed a piece for UCF students last year I thought I could never work with kids again. It was amazing to steal difficult moves and lifts from Dancing With the Stars and have my dancers get them on the first shot! After this camp I saw that you really can challenge and see growth from young ones as well. I taught them the whole dance for Friend Like Me (the last song in the video) the day before they performed it and they remembered it-and it was A LOT! I wouldn't mind teaching this age group again and starting them out right with their performing arts education. :)


  1. Cute overload. I can't handle it. Their transitions were on point!

  2. Little Diva and I just watched the whole thing and LOVED it. She really wants to do something similiar. They were absolutely adorable and did a fantastic job. Great job, Nicole!!!!

  3. Paige and I watched some of your other videos. As mentioned before, you have a phenomenal voice! We have a request in for some Demi Lovato!!!