Whirl wind week

Hello my beautiful bloglanders :)

My goodness. I've been so busy I've had to neglect my blog for a few days. Feels good to be back! My week looked a little something like this:

Monday::Last day of semester, complete with 2 final classes,drove 2 hours home.

Tuesday::viciously clean my family home for 8 hours!

Wednesday::me and stepdaddydukes took a trip back to Orlando to get my dresser and a few other things I wanted home for the summer and couldn't fit in my convertible. (I can barely fit) Note~I live on the third floor in Orlando and had to make a jillion and one trips during this move!

Thursday::semi-annual bug spray, Dr. appt, drop off Rx, visit grandma, visit nana, cook dinner for the fam (came out great-I make a mean mashed potato!)

Friday::That's today and here's what I have to say about that. . .

Runner Ramblings
I got up early and went for a nice 1.37 mile run today. Racking up the mileage there...nnnnott! But I will be soon because I have decided....okay I was going to run the ING NYC marathon as a charity entrant for Girls On The Run but I have a lot going on this summer and I don't want to be committed to raising the $2500. :-/ Soooo I have decided that it is definitely time for me to train for my first marathon- just not that one. I'm going to do the Walt Disney World Marathon in January! :-D Yayyy! I've been drooling over the Disney endurance series website and plan on signing up next month. That will give me an extra 2 months to train and let's face it- I'm in LoVe with the house of mouse so that's an excellent plus. I'll be graduating college in December and leaving Orlando (I may end up there eventually) but I think running my first marathon will be a great reward for myself. Running through all four parks on that 26.2 mile course will be awesome and a new kind of "parkhopping" for me. ;) All these awesome race recaps have got me so inspired. Thank you ladies!!!

Diva Dish
Getting a haircut today! Woot woot. I want to stay long still, even though the summer heat in combination with my long, thick hair makes me 10 degrees hotter than everyone else. I'm thinking long layers like Miley or the old Jessica Simpson look. I like it so when I curl my hair it is fuller and the curls bounce and stay curly. This hair cut is part one of four of a spa package my stepdad got for me. He's the bestest! So I got the Lady Gaga Mac lipstick. Love it. And I got the Mac Magenta lipliner to go with it-gorgeous! I also got 2 new GREAT eyeliners from Sephora that I am going to do a post about bc they're so fab.

Today looks like I'll be doing a little more cleaning and organizing before I head off for my haircut. I've been so handy this week! I re-caulked my bathroom, not to mention all the intense cleaning, and I started filling some holes in my walls from old pictures and such. I plan on finishing that up, matching the paint and painting to make my room feel new again. I've been working extremely hard on my room to downgrade, organize, and "zen"itize it. haha. It's looking super cute and I'll showcase it when I'm done.

SOO many movies coming out this summer that I am looking forward to. Ironman 2 this weekend! Anyone going to see it?



  1. I haven't seen the first Ironman so probably not (that and we never go on dates lol).

    I love getting my hair cut - and your hair is so pretty already! Makes me wish for my pre-kids hair. It was long and straight and pretty, too. Just blond lol

  2. i'm signed up for disney too :) maybe i'll see you there.