What was I thinking..

My goal for my run today was to do the 2.84 mile course I mapped out, pacing under 10:00 minute miles...hmmm. I should have taken the weather into consideration. I actually paced around 12:00 (yikes!) but was just happy not to pass out considering it was 87 degrees outside! Sheesh. I really need to run early AM or after the sunsets during the summer. I used to go for nice powerwalks and some runs in the mornings last summer. That's actually when I started running really seriously. I ran my first 2 miles straight last summer. Then in March I was able to run 8 straight during the Disney Princess half! {:-) Now I'm back down to a mile and then I have to walk a bit. :-/ I'm awesome at long distance!!..I'm just not fast. heh. Oh well at least I'm out there. Here's a pic of me HOT after my run. (Shout out to KBRunsDisney for the cute gear.)

I got on the McMillan running site for the first time and I love it! I've heard (or read) many runners talk about it so I guess it's accurate. I put in my results from my half and McMillan says I would run a marathon in like 5:36 I think. I want to run it in under 5 hours so I've got some work to do!

I'm working this summer to run regularly, even it's just small amounts, to get into the routine of running always being a part of my schedule. I noticed the other day I wasn't exactly up on my 2010 mileage goal so I'm having a blog challenge. Join HERE.

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