Versatile Blogger Award

Yay my first bloggy award!
The fabulous Running Diva Mom (<--Click here to visit her blog) tagged me with the Versatile Blogger award. I was asked to list 7 random things about myself and tag 7 bloggers.

7 Random Things About Me
1. I am teaching 3 Summer camps this Summer and they all coincidentally happen to be themes I love; Disney CineMagic-6 & 7 year olds singing & dancing to classic Disney movie hits.
Camp Pop-special needs campers dancing & singing to modern pop music.
Fiddler on The Roof-the story sounds cool but I'm most excited about choreographing this show!

2. I'm getting an annual pass to Disney this month! Very exciting and wallet-denting at the same time.

3. I'm running my first marathon in January at Walt Disney World.

4. I'm on Twitter and LOVE it! Come find me @njoysiscaretti tweet tweet!

5. I just made an Etsy store the other day. I will be selling handmade personalized scrapbook kits & rhinestoned gifts :) More info soon..

6. I'm a Senior in college! The Fall is my last semester!!

7. I'm planning on having my first virtual race in the near future!

7 bloggers I tag
[click on their name to see their blog]

If you've already done this tag than I don't mean for you to do it again.
I just want to show love to my favorites!

Jamie - I'm tagging her back because without her I wouldn't have a blog! I was so lucky to meet her at the Princess Half and am always inspired by her running.

Tonia - This runner rocks her socks! She is my favorite running style icon.

Randi - she delivers with her running posts and her Christian inspiration.

Elle - one of my favorite youtube beauty girls. She blogs about makeup & beauty, books, shows,etc. She's very versatile!

KB - I l-o-v-e this blog! She combines my 2 favorite things, running & Disney, and is my favorite virtual friend. :)

Courtney - I just found her blog and love it!

Erica - A new blog I found as well!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!



  1. Thanks for re-tagging me -- ha ha ha! Can't wait to hear more about your Etsy store. Little Diva would love to attend a camp like that. she's always singing disney karaoke in her room and loves annie and bye bye birdie!!!

    I really need to catch up on your blog and Wdw happenings!

  2. Aww thank you so much for the tag! I'm so glad to hear you like my blog. :) I was reading your description: "A senior in college who is a runner, Disney enthusiast, scrapbooker, Christian, and loves to blog about it all. :0)" and besides the whole senior in college that describes me too!! How crazy is that?! I look forward to reading your blog

  3. looking forward to hearing more about your etsy store! i love etsy and i'm sure your stuff is gorgeous! please keep us updated (:

  4. Such a good list! Can't wait to check out your etsy store! And thanks for the complement totally made my day!

  5. thanks for the tag. I'll try to get something up soon. :D

  6. congrats on your award! hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  7. Thanks for the tag and i just became a follower of yours on twitter. Teaching at camp sounds fun you must be very creative and outgoing. :)