Sizzlin' Summer Challenge Check In #1

Hey everyone! It's your first official check in here at the Sizzlin' Summer Challenge! If you haven't joined this challenge to reach a goal, for a chance at a gift card of your choice by June 30th, you can still join. Just post a comment on this post. Read the details HERE.

I'm looking forward to reading your progress and hoping that you're doing better than I am!

So far the awesome participants are:
& me!


Comment below and let me know how it's going...


  1. hmmm. I'm not doing too good. I started out strong!...but then I went to Disney for a few days and didn't run then and haven't since I got back. I'm having a few small surgeries on Monday that will put me out of running for about 2 weeks. That's much less time than I originally thought though! :)

  2. I'm doing average, I guess. I haven't done a scrapbook page yet (shocking, I know), but I did cook a new recipe. But it was of course not that healthy. My mileage is ok this week as long as I don't miss tomorrow's run. I think we should call this the ramping up period. Ramp up will end as soon as you're all recovered. ;)

  3. I have been going pretty strong. I have been running on wednesdays and thursdays at field hockey practice. And every other day I have gym class, so I run a lot there too. Today I had a garage sale, so between walking stuff back and forth and running a lot. I did great today! I also have been trying to run at a local park, (which has lots of hills) it is harder than I thought it would be, but I think it will help me with endurance a lot. For field hockey tryouts next year, I have to run two miles in under 18 minutes, so that is why I set this as my goal. I think I will be able to do it, but this is helping me stay fit! I am also adding another small thing to my challenge, I would like to slowly start getting rid of all the clutter in my life, physically and mentally. Sounds like fun! Not sure how yet, but I'll figure it out. My garage sale this weekend is definitely helping with all the clutter in my bedroom! Well this was a really long update! Talk to you soon!