Running around in circles..but not really

I have not been a very good runner lately. Actually since the Princess half I have just kind of dabbled around and done a few short distances and one 5k but nothing regularly. I couldn't run a whole lot because shortly after the half I had *Little Footy* acting up. (You can read about that HERE.) Then once that flare up had gone away I had a month and then I had surgery so I did have a couple physical things holding me back from running but it was more than that..

There was sort of a mental block too. I would always set goals for races and never accomplish them. I would come very close and always have a good time but I would see others results and wonder why I was not getting faster. I think subconsciously I was not trying hard as a runner because I didn't feel good enough and I didn't feel I was improving. Until now..

I had a realization while playing around on the net today. I was checking out some races I want to do and looking at old race times and saw something awesome. When I did my first 13k, the Tower of Terror race back in October of 2009, my time was 1:37:41. I don't really remember but I think the goal I made for myself was to sub 1:30. Then I looked at my Princess half results and saw that my time for the 10k split was 1:10:50. I did a little math and even though the distance was shorter I brought my pace down by about 30 seconds in 4 months..so I guess I am getting somewhere.
I learned a lot about myself as a runner during my Princess half training. I didn't train as much as I could have but I did have solid long runs and work myself up successfully to 13.1. My goal was to sub 2:30...didn't happen but I got real close!

I guess what I'm getting at is: I AM A RUNNER. I love running clothes; cute headbands, socks and sneakers. I love what running does for me; clears my mind, the way I feel after a run, how it gets me in shape. I love my running friends even if they are virtual lol. It doesn't matter if I'm not a turbo speed missile on the race course, I'm out there and enjoying myself and that's what is important.

While I was looking at the Walt Disney World marathon site today I felt a little discouraged and thought about maybe just doing the half that weekend. But no. I'm not going to just stay in my comfort zone. I know I can do it. I remember when a half seemed impossible!

Besides, running through all 4 parks is going to be one of the most awesome things I ever do. LOL.

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  1. Nope, you can't back out because you're my virtual training buddy for WDW. You are a runner. The whole process of getting faster takes time and you have shown your willingness to commit to your goals. You'll get there and you won't even notice it when it happens. It'll just be second nature.
    I beat myself up so much for not running the NYC half super fast last year. So much so that I forgot to be proud of myself for finishing. I think that most runners are really type A and are so goal oriented that we don't look back to see how far we've come. Just wait until January. You'll amaze yourself.