Mission Accomplished-My surgery

Here I am in bed looking cute as ever...ok far from it but read on if you wanna know how it went...

Time to celebrate! No, I don't mean with a bottle of champagne. I mean time to celebrate with a movie marathon as I lay in bed recovering from surgery. Though I'm in a little bit of pain (it started to kick in when the anesthetic shots wore off) I just so glad it's over. I had 3 little cysts removed. One from my calf, one from under my left breast, and one from my my outer, upper back. I had the one on my calf removed last Summer and it was quite the traumatic experience.

Last Summer's Surgery
The doc was awful, I went by myself, and the numbing shot was SOOO painful! I'm an athletic, muscular girl and he was underestimating how much it would take to numb me up so I had to get multiple shots to go numb. Each one felt like a bee sting and then as the stuff was injected, a thousand more bee stings. He knew I was nervous about the whole surgery yet continued to tell me to look while my leg was open. What a nightmare! Then afterwards I had to clean the stitched area like 4 times a day with 2 different things and then apply some goo with a q-tip. It was awful! Just the sight of the stitches in my leg made me feel queasy! I hated every minute of it and that's why I was dreading going this summer when the same cyst came back again...

This Summer's Surgery
I went to a NEW dermatologist, after the bozo last summer, who recommended me to a cosmetic surgeon because the cyst under my breast was kinda close to the breast tissue. I was nervous because I wasn't sure if my insurance company would handle it all. So glad we are going through health care reform right now. Everything has gone through at this point and hopefully I don't have to pay a whole lot if I haven't met my deductible yet. Anywho, back to the surgery. SO I felt comfortable with this cosmetic surgeon [yay for minimal scars] and he said they would have a valium ready for me if I was really that anxious. Um..yes, yes I was. I was shaking and on the verge of tears just at the consultation. haha. I'm really the wholistic type and avoid medicine at all costs, I don't like to drink or do anything that's not healthy for my body but in this case it was necessary. My best friend drove me there, they had the valium ready for me (and boy did I need it) and I waited for it to kick in. It didn't really.."kick in"..if anything it made me "knock it off" as in stop acting like a nervous wreck. I went in and the doc drew my surgeries out and they began. I think the best part was that the assistant held my hand and petted my arm the whole time. Yes you read right, lol, but I really needed it! The shot they gave me to numb was instant so there was no waiting 15 minutes in the room like last time to see if it would start working. The shot did feel like a bee sting a bit but the assistant told me to squeeze her hand if I needed to and oh boy did I ever. They told me to listen to my iPod if I wanted to I did. "Black Keys" on repeat. [Gosh I love the Jonas Brothers] The doctor was quick and I felt no pain! I never felt weird from the valium at all. It really helped me from having anxiety. I think it really helped that the doctor is one of the most gorgeous men I have ever seen in person. This means a lot coming from me because I have met many handsome celebrities.

The Aftermath
I felt so good after that me & my best friend Pink, who took me this morning, went to Panera. I treated her and her husband for being there for me. It meant a lot because my mom was supposed to take me and you know why that didn't happen if you read my blog regularly. If you wanna know click here. I've been laying in bed because I'm not supposed to be moving around a whole lot and it took a lot out of me. The BBB (boo boo booby as me and Pink refer to it LOL!) was reallly hurting after the anesthetic shots wore off. :-/ But I took a Tylenol and it feels a lot better! But now the BBBK (boo boo back) is hurting from laying on it. So I've propped up to blog.

The Upside!
I'm all done! I'm cystless (hopefully permanently) and all I have to do is heal. I get the stitches out a week from Thursday. :-D They are covered and I don't have to clean them or even see them at all! Bliss compared to my first cyst surgery! I don't know why I get these things. It's my skin type I guess. I'm praying that I'll be all healed in time to start teaching my Summer camp kiddies. :) The pic below is what all the spots look like! All covered up-yay!

To pass my recovery time I have started my movie marathon!! So far I started the party off with:
Jonas Brothers-The Concert Experience
now : I'm watching Harry Potter & The Half-blood Prince
on deck: Tinkerbell & The Lost Treasure.

Thinking about having a Blockbuster day soon and renting The Lovely Bones and the last movie Heath Ledger started where Johnny Depp and the other actors had to finish his role.

Got any good ones I need to see? Let me know!


  1. Oh please let me know how the Lovely Bones is - the book is terrific.
    Thank goodness you are done! I take valium to go to the dentist so don't feel bad. I'd love it if the assistant would sit there and hold my hand!

  2. I'm glad that it went smoothly!

    I would totes add The Little Mermaid to your movie list and if you've never seen it, the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. I love love LOVE that movie (it's a miniseries and the 5 hours fly by. I promise).

    Feel better soon woman. :)

  3. Sorry about the cysts! Glad the surgeries are behind you--wishing you a speedy recovery!

  4. feel better!

    have you seen sherlock holmes yet? good movie.

  5. Glad it went well! Have a quick recovery!