Join my Sizzlin' Summer Challenge!

Sizzlin' Summer Challenge

After realizing I am not as close to my 2010 mileage goal as I'd like to be I have decided to do a challenge! Yay! My goal is to be half way through my annual running goal, when we're half way through the year. That means I want to have 250 miles by June 30th. I have 118.44 miles so far this year so I have 131.56 to go to reach my goal! I calculated it out and that's about 2.5 miles a day. I can totally do it!

So enough math! Here's the deets..

in the Sizzlin' Summer Challenge I want you to make a goal for yourself or reinforce a goal you've already made. It can be ANYTHING to enrich your life in someway. (Cook one new recipe per week, try a new makeup look every weekend, cut out soda,etc!) I'll do a check-up post every week where you come and report your progress in a comment. I hope you can be inspired by other challengers progress and we can help each other to reach our goals. The challenge will last until June 30th (53 days.) It is so important to make goals specific & detailed so you stick by & accomplish them. A weak goal would be "I want to read more." A strong goal would be "I want to read a new book every 2 weeks. I'll read before bed and/or on the train."

The best part
At the end I will pick one winner to a receive a gift card to their place of choice. Don't get too excited, I'm a college student so it will probably be like $10. haha. But along with reaching, or coming close to, your goal I feel it's a nice incentive. :)

How to enter
Become a follower if you're not already and then leave a comment on this post including:
-your goal & details about how you plan to conquer it
-where you would want a gift card from if you win

Good luck & get to reachin for those goals! :)


  1. My goal is to run 131.56 miles. That's about 2.5 miles a day and I want to do it at night or in the morning. I hope to get a few long runs in because I know I can't run every day.

    I would like an Olive Garden or iTunes giftcard!

  2. 2500km by the end of june. So far right on schedule

  3. Alright Chris keep it up then!

  4. This is a really great idea! Starting tomorrow, i would like to run at least 2 miles a day. i will accomplish this goal by running when i have free time or whenever i need to get away from life, i will also run with my bestfriend. I would love a gift card to target or victoria's secret (: Thanks for offering such a fun challenge!

  5. No problem coach star :) we can accomplish more 2gether!

  6. this year in tennis i realized that i don't have a lot of stamina. my friend also convinced me that it would be fun to join cross country. so i figured that that would be two birds with one stone. have fun doing a sport and then get more stamina.

    so i'm going to try and join the cross country's 100 mile club. that way im' not the slowest person on the team. :)

    my mom bought a treadmill so when it rains i can run and then i'm going to run with my friend amy at our schools trails when its sunny.

    i'd like a gift card to borders. :) thanks.

  7. Cool! Im sure you will find many rewards in running :) Looking forward to your progress!

  8. I want to run 250 miles between now and then. I want to complete at least one scrapbook page per week (which is a huge step up from 0). I want to create a training schedule from now through Disney. And I want to cook one new recipe per week. Sheesh, I already feel like I'm behind . :)
    If I manage to get it together, I'd like a gift card to Sephora or Amazon.

  9. Alright KB! Takin it up a notch! You can do it!