Day 3 of rest

Hey there. Another bloggy post coming from recovery land here. I've started watching the Lost series from the beginning again. I've already seen up to about half way through season 3 but I started from season 1 again so I would remember everything. Now I'm on season 1 episode 9. It's giving me something to look forward to. Got any Lost lovers out there??

Thanks for the movie suggestions ladies! If I get sick of Lost I'm heading over to Blockbuster.

Diva Dish

So I found out from Superficial Girls blog that MAC makeup is coming out with a Disney Venomous Villains collection! It will be out in September of this year. I'm EXTREMELY excited that 2 of my favorite companies have joined forces to create a make up collection! I hope it's stuff that I will actually want to use. My favorite villains are Maleficent and the Evil Queen from Snow White. I definitely see some fun red lips and smokey eyes palettes coming out of this but how about a Princess collection guys!!!

Are you excited for this collection?

Disney Dreamin'
I've had so much free time during this recovery period that I've been on the web a whole lot and I've stumbled onto the Disney website..multiple times..and I've been checking out the pins. I have a Disney charm bracelet that I get a few charms for every time I go. Recently I've had to stop because the bracelet is getting heavy lol. I like it though because it's a less expensive way to get something every time I go. The charms are only $3.99. So anywho I always see these people with the trading pins and some are really stinkin cute. They are kind of an investment though! At $15.00 a pop for some!

Do you collect the Disney trading pins? What do you think about them?

We've booked our Fort Wilderness Cabin stay for July! Our plans are to go to Hollywood Studios, have a day at the resort and then go to Universal Studios the last day. My little nephews are coming to Fl (from TX) with my sis and her hubby and we've made it a habit to go on a vacay like this every year. I'm thinking about getting a park hopper so I can take the boat over to the Magic Kingdom when the kiddies go to sleep. tehehe. :) More dets to come on this trip...

Any tips for me on Fort Wilderness?

Runner Ramblings
I'm so excited to go out and run again. I won't be able to do the Rock Your Socks Virtual Race this weekend :-/ but I look forward to reading all your recaps and seeing the sock pictures! I've been eyeing these cute athletic socks on Little Mis-matched's site. I just need to order them already. I always forget that we have a Little Mis-matched store in Downtown Disney too. Has anyone been there?


  1. Glad to hear that you are staying occupied. I think I am going to host a rock your socks 5k in the fall, so you will have to do that one!

    I have been to the little missmatched store in Downtown Disney. I spent like 100 in there. So much trouble!

  2. Yayy for the 5k Rock Your Socks. :0) I figured you had been there! I'm staying at home with my stepdad for the Summer but I'll be in Orlando Monday for some business stuff Monday and I think I'm going to have to head on over to DTD..

  3. one of my spanish teachers collects the disney pins and she wears a different one everyday to class that matches her outfits. she is addicted to them! i don't think that you would actually wear them, but some of them are really cute! and they are supposed to be worth a lot of money later on!

  4. LOL I will probably not rock any cool socks because I have no cool socks :S but I am running regardless

  5. I'm so excited for the Venomous Villains collection from MAC after I saw it was confirmed by WWD and Temptalia posted it on her website. This collection will break me lol

  6. Aw thats cute your teacher does that Coachstar! I might go overboard if I start collecting them =/

    That's all that matters S Club Mama! That you're running! Have fun :)

  7. My fav villainess is Ursula. That said I bet Cruella red will be an ah-mazing color!
    I started collecting pins after the princess half. I have a pin for every race that I've done and a couple of the New Year's pins, a pin from Old Key West when we stayed there and, of course, some princess pins. I think it's a really cool thing to collet especially if there's a story behind your selection. Plus the binders for them are really cute. Now, I wanna go to Disney world! :(

  8. lol you'll be there soon! and we get to meet! :-D ..but we'll probably meet b4 then in new yawk.