2 crazy Orlando days

I spent Monday and Tuesday in Orlando at creative meetings with my fellow teaching artists and directors. It is official that I'll be teaching a Disney camp, a Pop music camp and choreographing Fiddler On The Roof junior this summer!

In middle school, when Britney Spears was in her prime, I wanted to be a dance choreographer. At that time I had never even taken a dance class and wouldn't until my first year of high school. I was a fast learner and caught up quickly to those who been dancing since they were little. I got pretty awesome at my junior college due to an excellent teacher, who I loathed at the time, a heart full of passion and a boy friend who was a dancer as well. I was accepted to FIU as a dance major but the program closed the Summer before I would attend due to budget cuts. I had decided to attend UCF anyway and be a Theatre major to get a broader education in entertainment.
So here I am, 10 years later, sitting in meetings at pretty tables in beautiful facilities with high-backed chairs preparing material for children's Summer camps. This may not seem a big feat to some. To me it means the world. Just to get paid doing what I love to do is amazing! I will be able to pay off my MAC, buy a Disney Dooney, and get an annual pass to Disney with the money I'm making..and more! I will continue to work hard and do the best job that I can wherever I am hired because it is an honor to teach performing arts and continue to pass on a beautiful part of our culture to younger generations.

So blessed!

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