Went to the Dr. today...

I felt really comfortable at this doctors office. I did the paper work, got in the room, the nurse asked me where it hurt and said "K, let's do some Xrays." I was like Wow that was quick. heh. So we took the Xrays and as the tech was cropping them on the digital screen I hovered and scanned them closely to look for anything abnormal (ya know since I have a med degree and know what I'm looking for...nnnnatt!) BUT I did see this little thing that looked weird to me..

She took me back to the room where I waited with ma (she's up visiting for the weekend to celebrate her birthday) until the doc came in. I gave him the whole spiel-"I ran my first half marathon and was sore after but fine. I rested for 3 days and then ran 6 miles. After that I had ridiculous sharp pains in the outside of my little footy every time I stepped, I had to limp around. I took rests to get better but the pain would return when I ran, feeling a little different every time..yadda yadda."

He felt my foot and pushed and pulled; no pain. Made me flex and point. When I pointed he said "like a dancer" and chuckled because I put dance choreographer in the last occupation section in my paperwork. Then he went to look at the Xrays..then came back and said "I want you to come look at something.."

I followed and thought to myself "Here we go.."

He pointed to the weird looking, clearly shouldn't be there, shape that I had seen earlier on the Xray. "Well it seems you have a little extra bone here, it's okay you were born with it, but it's in this tendon that wraps around your foot." Ummmmm..extra bone..what the? Lol.

I had to laugh. At least I know what it is now. There's no real fix. It bothered me most when I walked barefoot on hard surfaces, so he said wear slippers. Other things to do: make sure I'm keeping up with my running shoes (300ish miles per pair), run on grass and treadmills more often than concrete, ya know that kind of stuff. I have to wait one more week and then he said run a mile and see how it feels. Then if I'm ok, work up the miles slowly.

The best part about this Dr. was that he's a tri-guy and his wife is, go figure, a runner! She actually ran the Princess Half too! He ran Disney in January and the Tower of Terror 13k. I was like "Me too!" Lol. He said that he knows those Disney courses and that a lot of people come off injured because of the ramps and nature of the course. I had some cute little ITBS after the tower 13k actually so injuries from the Disney courses are not a new thing for me. Hmph.

I will continue to stay a faithful fan of the Disney Endurance Series! haha. They are my FaVoRiTe and helped me to become a long distance runner. I guess I just have to really start taking care of myself and baby my little footy. [NOTE: I named this injury "Facilier" but I always refer to it as "Little Footy" so I'm legally changing it's official name...now.]

Sooo kinda weird that there's a bone jabbing into my peroneus longus tendon every step..

The doctor said I'm fine to do the NYC ING! :-D I'm going to go for a run in another week or so, he said start out with one mile and build as it's comfortable. Then I'll make my final decision on if I am going to run my first marathon or not!! Stay tuned..


  1. I have this same exact condition! It flared up during my marathon in November. I wrote a bunch of posts about it in December. I was in a cast for 3 weeks to stop me from running! I've had to get a cortisone shot to get the inflamation down, but have been fine ever since. Welcome to the weird extra bone club!

  2. Wow. I'm glad that you know what it is now. I'm sure you'll get it under control. NYC is calling! ;)