Tuesday, Tuesday

Hello my lovely bloggers! :)

Runner Ramblings
I ran 2.3 miles on the treadmill today. The first mile was the fastest I ever did! It was under 9 minutes (at speed 6.7) but I'm not sure exactly how fast because I walked a little before I started my mile so that threw off my time. I took a little walk break in between and then ran the next mile. I did that one at a pretty fast speed (for me) too. Yay me.

Diva Dish
I am going to attempt to do my first make up tutorial video today. I'm really excited because I love watching Youtube beauty videos and getting inspired and I hope I can return the love and inspiration!

Giveaway Update
The Lush store is on my to-do list today. :) I originally was making this a blog/youtube giveaway. I've decided that since I've had such a large response to my Lush giveaway that I'm going to double the prize so I can have one winner for my blog and one for my youtube channel. A lot of people love this Lush stuff!

Important question for my runner ladies: So I have to have two small surgeries in May. I can have them at the same time so I will have a shorter recovery but it will be about a month and a half until I can get active again. That will give me about 5 months of training for my first marathon. Do you think that's enough time? I'm pretty sure I'll be able to do it. I just wanted to hear your opinion.

Have a blessed day!


  1. i've never done a marathon before - but the training plan i'm using only calls for 16 weeks of training, starting at a base level of a 6 mile long run.

  2. You can totally be ready for it in 5 months. It'll take you a couple of weeks to rebuild your base, but you've been running for long enough that your body won't completely forget. Go for it! Just listen to your body.

  3. Ooh thanks ladies. Very encouraging. Im gunna do it.

  4. 5 months is long enough. I trained for my first in 16 wks!

  5. Oh fair play doing a marathon, great blog to document it as well, just what i needed some like minded ladies!!! ;-)

  6. well done on the running - you may wanna check out my lil sisters blog - its about exercise etc - shes just starting out but it may interest you. - www.barrettsfitness.blogspot.com xxxxx

  7. Thank u all and I'll check out your sis's site Kirstyb :o)

  8. I would say just based on what I've read (and total lack of experience) you should be good at 5 months :D

  9. I agree, you'll be good to go! : )