My run in lists

So I went for a lil run this morning and decided blog about it in list form:

-2 miles
-in 23:38
-heard a rooster crowing [its was around 10 something I think he was a little late]
-had a rough time breathing
-didn't eat or drink anything today b4 the run
-felt like I was going to pass out
-lesson learned

How I feel
-good to be running again
-lungs are getting back into active breathing again
-my body feels great [including *Little Footy* WOO!]

Other things for today- I'm going to my local Lush store today. *Squeals with excitement* I have gotten into the Youtube beauty guru world and there are many people raving about this company's awesome bath & beauty products. I'm going to pick up an extra something for YOU! In honor of launching my Youtube channel I'm hosting a Lush Giveaway. More details later today.

Off to shower & glam up for shopping


N. Joy


  1. sounds like a rough run, but sometimes its more about just getting it done than the actually run itself.

  2. sounds exciting - the Lush stuff.
    I know how you feel about hard breathing. I'm still getting over a cold and sometimes I feel like a chain smoker.