Mom*s Disney Birthday Wknd Recap

Hi there bloggers! :-]

I've been preoccupied this week and I'm just now getting to do my recap from mom's birthday weekend at Disney. We had a blast! Such a blast in fact that I decided to do something special for us to remember just how much fun it was. I started playing around with iMovie on my Mac and WOW! I'm pretty good at it! Haha. Not to toot my own horn but I am extremely proud of this. I hope you'll take the time to watch this short video. I didn't make it with the intention of anyone else seeing it besides my mom and me but I just had to share.

Click HERE to see it. ;-)

I'm still following the Dr.'s orders to take it easy for one last week. Planning on a Saturday one mile run to ease back in! Looking forward to it.

Also I'm starting a Vlog. I'm still developing the concept but I imagine it will be similar to this blog- a combination of all the things I love: running, disney, etc. Something different about the vlog is that I will include health & beauty topics too. I plan to post makeup tutorials on how to makeup looks and short workouts that you can tune in and do at your leisure! I'm no expert on any of these topics, I'm just love them and want to share that love with others in hopes of inspiring. :-]

Happy thoughts,

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  1. oooh...I like the idea of a vlog! Btw...are you a mac user?? I <3 my mac and I saw you mentioned imovie! Ok...going to check out your video :) (and yes...we'll def need to do a run together!! You should do the wine & dine 1/2 at WDW in October!)