Happy Friday!

It really is a happy Friday. :-) I woke up in a great mood today after the dream I had. I dreamt that I was hanging out with my dad at our house, laughing and playing. It was great. I miss him so much and can't believe it's been over 7 years since he passed on. I love when he visits in my dreams though.
Today is the day! For a run that is. ;0) I've been resting my foot, as the doctor told me to. Since I found out what my injury is [click here to read about it] I've been able to really pinpoint what makes it hurt and avoid it. Not wearing cushioned shoes is the biggest problem. When I was walking on my nana's hardwood floor the whole week after the princess half is when I was in the most pain. At Disney last weekend I was having a lot of pain until I bought a new pair of flip flops that were squishy and padded. Then it got better. :-D I wonder if Racing With Babes has had the same experience? (She has the same thing.) So I've rested enough and will embark on my first mile this weekend.

VLOG! I've started videos for my vlog-yay! It's so fun but a lot of work. So far I've added the video from Mom's Disney Birthday weekend. I've made a How to: Scrapbooking Basics video that I tried to upload but it was too long. It's like 13 min and only 10 minute vids are permitted. Boooo. So I'm re-editing today sometime and hope to post it this evening.

Other things my vlog will include:
-videos from places I travel to share my experience and allow others to see somewhere new.
-make up, hair and beauty reviews and tutorials
-reviews on other products (books, movies, restaurants, etc)
-RUNNING of course! I hope to capture some footage from races and give video recaps etc.
-lots of other fun things including more scrapbook inspiration, giveaways, etc.

I'd love to have you subscribe if you have a youtube account. :-)


  1. that's awesome that you still have a part of him with you.

    have a fantastic weekend!

  2. I have had that issue. I can't wear flip flops for too long. And I can not wear heals at all. So I just stick to a "retired" pair of sneakers, all the time.