Spring Chicken 5k race recap

This race was "ok." I wanted to run a sub :29. Well THAT didn't happen! I did 32:59. Eh. It was cool though bc I was on the home stretch and could see the finish line and this lady was there and she said "you did it! If you run really fast now you can do it in under 33!" That's all she had to say! I sprinted my lil butt (lil - puh. who am I kidding?) all the way across the finish line! And 32:59 it was. ;) BUT my foot is hurting again. It's definitely a nerve thing. :-( It hurts on the outside when I step and sometimes I get a crazy sharp pain. *Sigh* Podiatrist it is.

On a brighter note-here's some pics from the race..

Stepdaddydukes came out to support

Me getting warming up..tehe i look goofy

Pre-race pose

My feet were moving..Bobby's weren't

Start! Here I come..

There I go..

They had to take my bib from me in the finish shute because I took off the runner tracker slip that was attached thinking it was a baggage claim ticket. Oops! I'm just used to D-tag races. haha. I got my bib back though. I like to save them. :)


  1. Congrats on a sub 33! :)
    Wow you're supermodel material!

  2. congrats again nicole. awesome job -- and awesome bod, girly!!!!

  3. Aw thank you for the encouragement ladies! :0)

  4. i have to agree the socks are a great touch - good job on the run. (my PR is 33:08 so 32:59 sounds great to me)